Does Eating 6 Meals A Day Really Work?

Dieters are always looking for little tips and secrets that can increase their fat loss. One of those secrets is eating 6 meals a day.

This is one of those tricks that can help your diet in several different ways. This doesn’t mean that you’re eating more calories, but just that you’re spreading them out throughout the day.

Why Increase Meal Frequency?

When you increase meal frequency, you still consume the same number of calories, but just spread through 6 meals a day instead of three.

When you’re dieting, eating six times a day rather than three is psychologically helpful, because you don’t feel so deprived. Keep to your traditional three meals – and never skip breakfast.

But, add two additional small meals, or snacks in your day. Late morning is a good time for a snack, particularly if you have an early breakfast. Another great time is between lunch and dinner, since many of us have an afternoon slump.

Will Eating 6 Meals a Day Increase The Metabolism?

In a word; yes.

Your body’s metabolism speeds up when it is processing and digesting food. So, by eating 6 meals a day, you’re revving that metabolism up more often.

Foods To Include In The 6 Meals a Day Plan

Because it’s not truly a diet in itself, the 6 meals a day plan can work with any existing diet. If you’re counting calories, continue to do so.

If you’re on a low carb diet, continue to follow your restrictions, but eat your allowed foods more often.

Whether you’re eating 6 meals a day or only three, however, there are some foods that should always be included in a healthy diet.

1) Lean Proteins

At least three of your 6 meals a day should include protein. When you eat proteins along with your carbohydrates you allow the food to be more slowly digested. Not only does this help you feel full longer, but it prevents a spike in blood sugar, which causes your body to want to store fat.

2) Vegetables

Vegetables are great for any of your 6 meals a day. Be sure to include some in all your big meals and some of your snacks.

3) Fruit

Fruit makes a great choice for your smaller meals when you’re on a 6 meals a day plan. Choose fruits that are high in fiber, like apples, to help you stay full longer.

4) Whole Grains

Skip the white flour foods like white bread and regular pasta. Instead, choose whole grains like wheat bread, whole grain pasta and oats. Oatmeal makes one of the best breakfasts when you’re on a 6 meals a day plan.

5) Green tea

Have green tea as your beverage with at least two of your 6 meals a day. Green tea is great for helping your keep your metabolism revved up all day long, yet it doesn’t give you the jitters like drinking coffee or caffeinated soda all day.

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