What Is The Weight Watchers Point System?

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The Weight Watchers diet is unlike the rest of the diet programs, it is a program that has been helping people to lose weight since the 1960’s.

Since then the Weight Watchers diet has undergone a series of changes and kept up with the times which has helped people from various backgrounds and requirements lose weight efficiently.

Experts seem to approve the Weight Watchers diet because the program does not use marketing gimmicks for promotion neither does it offer any magical solutions for overnight weight loss.

The Weight Watchers diet is probably the most popular diet program across the world with over 20 million users per week.

The Weight Watchers Weight Loss Program

The Weight Watchers diet is based on what is known as the Weight Watchers weight loss program. It is a diet plan in which no specific food is encouraged or prohibited. In fact, the Weight Watchers diet does not specify any foods that a Weight Watchers diet follower should eat or not.

The latest Weight Watchers diet called the ‘Momentum’ is a diet that promotes smarter eating habits, higher levels of activity, seeking support for weight loss issues and a better lifestyle.

The Weight Watchers diet plan helps those who join in with nutritional recipes, online calorie calculators, meal trackers and guides to healthy restaurants. The most unique aspect of the Weight Watchers diet is that once you sign up with the program, there is a community that supports you in all your weight loss endeavors.

Weekly online meetings are held where each person shares the week’s experience with other community members. There is also a class organizer who keeps members motivated members to stick to the program.

The Weight Watchers Points System

The Weight Watchers diet works on the principle of points. There are no specific food items that are not allowed; instead each item is allocated points.

At the start of the program, a figure of allowed points per day is assigned to the Weight Watchers diet member based on the weight and the weight loss target that has been agreed upon.

Each member has to ensure that they are well within the points assigned to them every day and plan their meals based on these points.

To give you an example, a cup of broccoli has zero points but a 6-ounce steak has 5 points. Even a quarter of a cup of creamy salad dressing can be dangerous because you use up 8 points by consuming it.

However, if you really crave for a steak you can have it but you would have to compensate elsewhere and cut down on the points in the rest of the meals.

The promoters of the Weight Watchers diet help members understand that fibrous foods or those that have a lot of water content are good for managing hunger pangs because they are filling and satiating, and rather than restricting food items the diet educates members on which food items are beneficial and which ones are harmful, giving them the chance to make the right choices themselves.

Will I Lose Weight On The Weight Watchers Program?

The Weight Watchers diet is an extremely respected weight loss program. Unlike the various other fad diets that come and go, the Weight Watchers diet has been around for more than 40 years, because it has been modified according to the needs of its consumers.

The Weight Watchers diet does not promise excessive weight loss in a few weeks. In fact, the initial goal of the Weight Watchers diet is to ensure 5% to 10% body weight loss. The long-term goal is to achieve and maintain a BMI of 25.

Even though it is an expensive program and many members might find it a little difficult, the Weight Watchers diet is an excellent way to lose weight in a healthy manner and learn how to switch to a healthier lifestyle.

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  • Betty

    Weight Watchers has stayed around for so long because it works and it’s something anyone can do. Because no food is off limits, it’s an easy diet to fit into your lifestyle and it teaches you how to compromise your eating to help you stay thin and eat the foods you like. They make it very easy for you to keep track of your points, including a great pocket food guide that you can take anywhere with you.

    There’s also a guide that lists the point values for the foods on many of the most popular restaurant menus. When Weight Watchers added their online plan, they made the program work for even more people. You’re not required to attend meetings and you can track the food you eat online easily.

    The online version is also less expensive than attending meetings. You get every tool that those attend meetings get, except the in person meeting. This diet is still one of the best ways to create a manageable and healthy way to control your weight.

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