Which Are the Safest Weight Loss Supplements That Work?

Green Tree Leaves

Need help losing weight?

Want to speed up your metabolism and burn more calories?

If so, consider taking supplements. L-carnitine, caffeine, guarana, green tea extract, and other natural ingredients that can boost your metabolism and help with increased fat burning. » Read more

10 Healthy Fats That Help You Burn More Fat

Chia Seeds

Fat-free and low-fat foods are more popular than ever. Most stores have entire departments dedicated to these products. Believe it or not, fat free doesn’t equal healthy. Some fats, especially those found in nuts, seeds, and oily fish, can actually help you lose weight and live longer. Ditching them from your diet is a big mistake.

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Which Foods Can Help Suppress Your Appetite?

Row of healthy free range eggs

Sick of feeling hungry all the time?

Have a hard time sticking to your diet?

Before spending your money on miracle pills, seek natural ways to beat hunger. From cottage cheese and salmon to yerba mate, certain foods and spices boost appetite-suppressing effects.
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Which Foods Help You Lose Weight Faster?

Several walnuts

Want to lose weight faster and keep it off?

Looking for the best ways to rev up your metabolism?

If so, it’s time to make some changes to your diet. Certain foods, especially those high in protein and fiber, can speed up weight loss.

Some boast a mild thermogenic effect, causing your body to burn more calories at rest. Others suppress hunger and keep you full between meals.

Add the following foods to your plate to lose weight faster: » Read more

Do The alli Weight Loss Tablets Work?

alli food weight loss supplement

The Alli weight loss aid has been on the market for about 10 years, but only for three or four years in non-prescription strength.

The prescription formula of Alli weight loss is called Orlistat, and has been prescribed by doctors as a weight loss supplement on a regular basis since it was released on the market.

What is Alli?

Alli weight loss is the non-prescription version of Orlistat, and is the first over the counter weight loss supplement to be approved by the FDA. It is taken with meals, or up to one hour after a meal. » Read more

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help With Natural Weight Loss?

Two apples

Vinegar has been used for cooking purposes for years in various cuisines. It has been used to make pickles, salad dressings, marinating poultry and other meat and for a variety of other reasons.

Vinegar was also used in ancient cultures to treat a variety of common ailments; however, it is apple cider vinegar that is considered the best vinegar for a variety of reasons.

How Apple Cider Vinegar is Made

Apple cider vinegar is produced by a process called fermentation in which the sugars in a product (apple in this case) are broken by yeast. At first sugar turns into alcohol and on further fermentation what you get is vinegar. The term vinegar is actually derived from a French word that means ‘sour wine’. » Read more

Is Bitter Orange Safe To Take For Weight Loss?

The bitter orange tree

Bitter Orange has become extremely popular as an ingredient in weight loss supplement these days.

With the ban on ephedra, the weight loss supplement market had no choice but to look for alternate natural ingredients that could be used to compensate for it.

And ever since then it has gained immense popularity as a weight loss ingredient.

What is Bitter Orange?

Bitter Orange (botanical name citrus aurantium) is a fruit that is typically grown in Asia, South America and in some parts of the USA. Also known by various other names such as neroli, Seville orange, zhi shi, petit grain, bigarade orange, naranja agria and more, Bitter Orange is a fruit that has been used in many ancient cultures due to the various medicinal properties that it is known to have. » Read more

Is Chromium Safe For Weight Loss?

Weight loss pills

Students would probably know chromium as a hard, brittle, multivalent, and metallic element that is resistant to corrosion and tarnishing.

Today, more people are aware of chromium as a mineral that is present in our daily food and a supplement that is available in stores.

Chromium supplements are being presented as an all-in-one pill that can take care of various health issues. » Read more

Can Guarana Help You Lose Weight?

The Guarana Plant

Guarana is a shrub that grows in Venezuela and the northern part of Brazil.

The plant is a creeper and has now become extremely popular in the United States due to various benefits of the seeds of the Guarana plant.

Native tribes in South America used Guarana to treat various ailments like fever, hypertension, headache, diarrhea, dysentery and neuralgia.

It was also used to fight fatigue, reduce signs of aging and also to detoxify the blood. » Read more

Does Hoodia Gordonii Really Work?

Hoodia is quite popular among people who are constantly on the lookout for an easy and reliable way to lose weight. Hoodia is a plant that the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert chewed on to be able to suppress their hunger and thirst so that they could hunt for longer periods of time without feeling hungry.

What is Hoodia Gordonii?

Hoodia is also called Xhoba, although it is not a cactus. There are various species in the genus Hoodia that grow in Africa. However, what we know as Hoodia is actually Hoodia Gordonii, a specific species that is known for its appetite suppressant properties. » Read more

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