How Effective Is a Vegetarian Diet for Losing Weight?

Ready to give up meat?

This could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. A vegetarian diet can improve every aspect of your health and increase longevity. People who don’t eat meat have lower rates of heart disease, hypertension, obesity, and cancer.

They also live longer and enjoy better health. But how effective is a vegetarian diet for weight loss? Does it really help in the battle with the scale? Let’s find out!

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10 Foods To Eat On The Paleolithic Diet

Large high protein beef meal with vegetables

Around the world, more people are changing their eating habits and taking up the Paleolithic or Paleo Diet program. The move towards Paleo is not all that surprising given the combination of so many people who need to lose weight and become healthier. » Read more

3 Diets That Are Proven To Work in the Long-Term

Woman who has lost a lot of body fat

Looking for a diet that actually works?

Are you tired of starving yourself and skipping meals?

With a few exceptions, most diets are not sustainable in the long-term and can wreak havoc on your metabolism. The ones that work usually involve lifestyle changes and regular exercise.

Depending on your needs and budget, you can follow a basic plan like the Atkins diet, or sign up for a paid weight loss program, such as the Jenny Craig Diet or Slim Fast.

The following three diets are safe and have provided lasting results:

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Foods To Eat On The Sugar Busters Diet

Doughnuts with glazed icing

The sugar busters diet is one that has garnered a lot of attention in recent years. Many people think of the sugar busters diet as simply a diet where you give up sweets, but it is far more than that.

Time To Eliminate Sugars From Your Diet

The Sugar Busters diet is an eating plan that helps you lose weight by eliminating sugars from your diet.

The theory behind the diet is the same one that supports many low carbohydrate eating plans: that certain carbohydrates raise blood sugar levels, making the body hold on to fat. » Read more

What Can You Eat On A Vegan Diet?

Healthy vegetable meal

The Vegan diet consists of foods that are exclusively vegetarian. The Vegan diet is extremely strict and goes beyond just avoiding meat, dairy products and eggs.

The diet excludes the consumption of even those food products that are manufactured using animal products such as jelly, refined sugar and specific wines. In addition to this, a Vegan diet avoids foods and products that are tested on animals.

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Are Vegetarians Healthier Than Meat Eaters?

Sliced cucumber

A vegetarian diet consists of fruits, vegetables and foods that originate from plants. It is a diet that is usually adopted due to religious beliefs or a notion that vegetarian diet is beneficial for health.

There are people who would like to adopt a vegetarian diet but are unsure about how to go about adding vegetarian foods to their regular meals, or ensuring that there is no deficiency in their daily intake after they adopt the vegetarian lifestyle.

What is a Vegetarian?

Broadly speaking, a vegetarian is a person who does not eat or believe in eating meat, poultry, fish and eggs. However, the reasons for why people adopt vegetarianism differ. There are different kinds of vegetarians. They include vegans, lacto – vegetarians, lacto – ovo – vegetarians and flexitarians. » Read more

What Can You Eat On The Volumetrics Diet?

Small bunch of grapes

The Volumetrics diet has been around for quite a few years, yet it seems that there are still many people who don’t know about the diet, or who don’t know what the diet entails.

For many, however, the Volumetrics diet has been a simple way to lose weight.

Fill Up On Low Calorie Nutrient-Dense Foods

The Volumetrics diet is an eating plan that focuses simply on eating foods that fill you up without having a lot of calories. The concept behind this way of eating is borne of the simple fact that, as humans, we like to eat. » Read more

What Is The Weight Watchers Point System?

Healthy weight watchers shake

The Weight Watchers diet is unlike the rest of the diet programs, it is a program that has been helping people to lose weight since the 1960’s.

Since then the Weight Watchers diet has undergone a series of changes and kept up with the times which has helped people from various backgrounds and requirements lose weight efficiently.

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What Is The Zone Diet Plan?

Healthy vegetable meal

Created by Barry Sears PhD, the Zone diet is based on the fact that humans were meat eaters in the prehistoric age and that a large addition of carbohydrates like bread, pasta, wheat and rice has disrupted the hormonal balance in the human system.

It is this balance that the Zone diet tries to restore with a diet plan that mimics the food consumed by the prehistoric man to the extent possible. » Read more

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