A Guide to the Food Pyramid

Balanced meal

Learn how the food pyramid can balance your daily diet plan

Due to the continuous running we tend to forget about healthy eating and proper nutrition.

Even more, there are times, when we do not even know, which are those healthy food types that are needed to be included into our daily meals so we can become healthy, fit and full of energy.

Sometimes, long ago, as children we have all learned about those food types and categories that are the part of the food pyramid, all having their benefits for your overall health.

The Food Pyramid Helps to Balance Your Meals

You need to know these food types, to learn the food pyramid, otherwise you will not be able to develop a proper, nutrition, vitamin and mineral rich meal plan your body, mind and overall health needs.

The food pyramid had changed by now, but some of the major categories remain the same. The stripes of the pyramid are sometimes thinner, sometimes wider, according to the importance of a specific food type.

Grain, fruit and vegetable stripes are wider, being the most important to consume, while the stripes of meat, oils and junk food thinner, needed to be eaten on a reduced frequency.

The food pyramid should not be a lesson with hard rules to keep in mind; it has to be a proper guidance towards a proper nutrition.

The food pyramid, developed for adults is giving you a daily total quantity of every food type you can consume during a day.

The division of these quantities depends on you; the importance is not how many times, but to keep the limit.

After you can manage to get familiar with the food pyramid you can control what you eat and what you have on your plate each time you eat.

If you manage to break your plate down to quarters, fill half of it with vegetables, a quarter with whole grain and the other one with protein you already know the importance of nutrition, food pyramid and health.

The Food Pyramid Contains the Following Food Groups

In short, the food pyramid is having the following food groups: grain group, vegetable group, fruit group, milk group, meats and beans group, oils and discretionary calories.

The top of the pyramid is understandingly the most important and the bottom of it has to be consumed on a reduced frequency.

Keeping in mind these stripes and the daily consumable amounts of food is not so hard and after a while this process will be a routine; not only a routine, but a healthy habit, which will lead you to a healthy and full of nutrition lifestyle that will certainly give you the energy for everyday.

One comment

  • Gale

    The food pyramid really only works for helping you keep a healthy weight if you remember to use whole grains. Part of the reason America has such an obesity problem is that we think that eating white bread, muffins and white pasta is ok, because we’re supposed to be eating all these carbohydrates at the bottom of the food pyramid.

    This, coupled with the fact that the food pyramid doesn’t address our sugar intake (many of these white flour products also contain a lot of sugar) makes our blood sugar unstable and helps us hold on to fat.

    However, if you swap out all that white flour stuff and the stuff with sugar and replace it with whole wheat or seven grain bread, whole wheat pasta and brown rice, and you cut way back on the sugar and processed foods – then the food pyramid is relatively healthy. Without these adjustments, however, it is quite misleading.

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