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How the Calorie Calculator Works

The calorie calculator first determines your basal metabolic rate (BMR) via several elements, including height, weight, age and sex.

What is BMI? (Body Mass Index)

BMI uses a individuals weight as well as height to calculate total body fat. It is just one method to access whether or not an adult is overweight. A rise in BMI can as well increase the threat for numerous health conditions.

The results of BMI may differ among young adults, seniors, men and women. On average, women typically have a elevated percentage of body fat than males of the same BMI, and older adults possess a higher percentage than younger adults. Results also vary for those adults that are very muscular.

For example, a bodybuilder will have a high percentage of muscle and a low proportion of body fat. But since muscle weights more than fat, the bodybuilder may weigh as much as a over weight person and have the identical BMI.

BMI is merely one of the components used to predict threat for weight-related illnesses. If your BMI is above normal, speak to your doctor to look at important life-style improvements.

The Calculator then Uses Your Activity Factor

The calculator then multiplies that value through an activity factor that takes into account your daily activities. This makes a number that represents your total daily calorie requirements for maintaining your weight.

If you have selected either “Lose Weight” or “Build Muscle” as your aim, the calculator will add or subtract a scientifically determined sum of calories to or from the full amount.

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