The 5 Best Foods For Dieting

Green tea leaves

We all know that dieting means cutting calories. But, did you know that cutting calories is easier when you eat fresh foods that have been minimally processed?

When we prepare foods from a fresh state, we can ensure that they have few “added” calories from preservatives and too much seasoning.

Following our tips will help you eat the best dieting foods.



1: Fresh or Frozen Vegetables

Spinach leaves

Shop locally and choose vegetables that are in season whenever possible. This helps ensure freshness and taste. And, when your vegetables taste their best, they need little in the way of seasoning, so you avoid excess fat and salt.

When fresh isn’t possible; frozen vegetables are nutritionally comparable. Foods like frozen broccoli and frozen green beans are also among the best diet foods and they taste nearly as good as fresh.

2: Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is helpful for dieting

Choose fresh fruit and eat it whole and unprocessed. Processing typically adds unnecessary sugar to your fruit. Don’t substitute fruit juices, as they often have added sugar. They also lack the fiber of whole fruit, which helps you feel full.

3: Lean Protein

Eat more lean protein like fresh fish

Prepare your meats from scratch, rather than purchasing frozen, breaded and processed meats. Fresh meats taste better and you can control the amount of fat and salt added to them.

Have protein at every meal because it will help you feel full longer and will help you keep your blood sugar stable. Stable blood sugar helps you hold on to fat.

4: Whole Grains

Whole grain foods will help with your intake of fiber

It’s time to get away from white flour and choose whole grains instead. Whole grain products are minimally processed and they have far more fiber and nutrition than their white flour counterparts.

Buy whole grain pastas, wheat and grain breads, oatmeal and brown rice. In addition to being more nutritionally sound, whole grain products are also one of the best dieting foods because they help keep blood sugar stable.

5: Green Tea

Green Tea Leaves

Green tea is one of the best diet foods for two different reasons. The first is that it is filled with antioxidants, so it helps to prevent serious illnesses like heart disease, high blood pressure and even cancer.

But, green tea also contains catechins that increase metabolism. And, though your metabolism is working overtime, when you rev it up with green tea you don’t feel any side effects, such as a fast heart rate.

All of these foods are foods you probably already enjoy. Preparing them yourself, rather than buying processed versions turns them into the best diet foods, because you eliminate all that extra fat, salt and preservatives.

You really can enjoy all your favorites while you lose weight, as long as they’re prepared and eaten sensibly.

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