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Drink more cold water

With these ten weight loss tips, you should lose weight by making simple changes to your lifestyle.

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Negative Calorie Foods

Negative calorie foods

Eating more thermogenic foods is a great way to lose weight more quickly and more easily.

Weight Loss Tips

Negative calorie foods

Slimming Foods and Diets

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With the rate of obesity in this country continuing to rise, more and more people are looking for miracle diets and slimming foods.

The truth is that there is no such thing as a miracle diet that actually works, so your best bet is to stick with the slimming foods.

Slimming foods are foods that promote the feeling of fullness and satisfaction that prevents you from snacking in between main meals. These slimming foods are not miracle foods, but you will find that they help you to consume fewer calories over the course of your day.

When you are looking for slimming foods that will have you feeling fuller for longer, focus on the slimming foods that are high in fiber, protein and healthy fats or have high water content.

The additional benefits of slimming foods are that they really are good for you because they are packed full of minerals, vitamins and valuable nutrients.

The Top 7 Foods For Slimming Down

Oatmeal is a good choice for any diet

1: Apples

Not only will an apple a day keep the doctor away, but it will also help keep the scale needle low. Apples are a perfectly portable snack that you can take with you anywhere.

They are bursting with fiber and have high water content. Apples keep blood sugar levels from spiking, which often leads to unhealthy cravings.

2: Eggs

These slimming foods are an ideal source of protein, which does wonders for helping you stay fuller longer.

Recent research found that by eating just two eggs in the morning for breakfast, participants in the study consumed four hundred less calories over the course of the day.

3: Cauliflower

If you are trying to lose a few pounds, non-starchy vegetables like cauliflower is one of the delicious slimming foods that can be eaten in guiltless abundance.

Cauliflower is good for you for other reasons as well, including fighting cancer and providing great amounts of Vitamin C and folate, which also helps with weight loss.

4: Low Fat Yogurt

Studies indicate that eating three servings of yogurt every day will help you lose twice as much weight on any twelve-week dieting program.

Calcium and other bioactive compounds in dairy products are effective in slowing down the fat-producing process and increasing the fat burning process, particularly in the belly region.

5: Oatmeal

Simply eating breakfast can make you slimmer, but eating oatmeal for breakfast adds all sorts of additional benefits. Oatmeal is packed with protein and fiber that works to help you feel fuller for longer.

6: Peanuts - Walnuts and Almonds

Theses tasty nuts are all the rave, but do not forget about the great many benefits of the delicious peanut. The good fats and proteins in peanuts help you keep that full feeling longer.

In addition, a handful of peanuts make a great afternoon snack that will tide you over all the way until dinnertime.

7: Soup

It is well known that soup is good for you, but many people are not aware that many soups are also slimming foods. Adding two servings of soup to a six-month diet will double the amount of weight you lose.

A List of Popular Slimming Diets

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Comments (2)

Great selection of foods for slimming. I think anything that fills you up or makes you feel full is going to be effective on any weight loss diet.

Fruit is the ideal snack between meals, it is full of fibre and is rich in many vitamins and minerals plus of course it is low in calories. I use fruit as part of 6 meals a day, I have recently read about increasing meal frequency as a method for increasing the metabolism. So my mid-morning and afternoon snack is normally 1 - 2 pieces of fruit.

This stops me from snacking on any high calorie foods plus it keeps my metabolism fired up, this is exactly what you need on any weight loss plan for it to be successful in the long-term.

All the best!

#1 - Barry - 02/11/2014 - 08:02
This is the best way to slim , it worked for me it will definitely work for you, Good Luck
#2 - Nellie - 10/22/2014 - 14:42
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