Losing Weight Fast – Advantages And Disadvantages

Losing weight and getting healthy can enhance your life in many, many ways. Simply by losing only ten percent of your present weight you will notice a difference in the way that you feel.

There are other pressing reasons for losing weight, too, that are at least of equal importance to your self esteem.

There’s no doubt that for overweight people weight loss is beneficial, but the question becomes how to go about it—is fast weight loss the answer?


The Health Benefits of Losing Weight

Some of the ways that weight loss is beneficial to your health include:

  • Reduces your chances of stroke or heart disease
  • More quality sleep
  • Helps prevent Type 2 diabetes
  • Helps to control blood sugar levels
  • Relieves aches and pains
  • Boosts energy
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Enhances mobility
  • Improves breathing
  • Helps to prevent chest pain from decreased oxygen in the heart
  • Helps prevent cancer

The Health Risks From Being Overweight

Overweight man with huge belly

Overweight man with huge belly

The chances of heart disease, such as congestive heart failure, angina, heart attack, abnormal heart rhythm and sudden cardiac death are greater in overweight individuals.

Additionally, the risk of hypertension doubles in obese individuals compared to people who maintain a healthier weight. Many obese people are constantly searching for fast weight loss plans, but a fast weight loss plan is not always best.

Being overweight also increases blood fat and lowers good cholesterol levels. Just by losing five to fifteen percent of your current bodyweight you can decrease your chances of having a stroke or developing heart disease.

Losing Weight Can Improve Your Blood Pressure

In addition, losing weight is also a good way to improve blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Remember that fast weight loss is nothing more than a quick fix. Proper weight loss plans will be more effective at keeping the weight off longer.

Just by putting on an extra ten to twenty pounds, your chances of developing Type 2 diabetes double over that of someone who maintains a healthier weight. Obesity has a direct link to diabetes.

Over eight percent of individuals who suffer from diabetes are obese. A five to seven percent decrease in weight can prevent Type 2 diabetes in individuals who would otherwise be at an increased risk of developing the disorder.

If you have diabetes, stay away from fast weight loss plans that can cause blood sugar levels to fluctuate.

Research indicates that being overweight is directly related to the development of certain types of cancer, such as kidney, breast, colon, endometrial, prostrate and gallbladder cancer.

In addition, females who put on over twenty pounds from age eighteen to midlife increase their chances for the development of postmenopausal breast cancer by twice as much as that of females who do not put on the additional weight.

Sleep Apnoea and Insomnia

Sleep apnoea is more common in people who are overweight. Research indicates that losing weight can improve symptoms of this condition, which causes breathing to be interrupted during sleep. Fast weight loss gimmicks often contain a lot of caffeine that can cause insomnia; just one more reason fast weight loss is not the solution.

Carrying around excess weight is hard work for all of the bones in your body. For every two pounds of additional weight, the chances of developing arthritis will increase by up to thirteen percent. The symptoms of arthritis will greatly improve with weight loss.

In addition, extra bodyweight increases the chances of developing incontinence, gallbladder disease, irregular menstrual cycles, infertility, pregnancy complications, gestational diabetes, anxiety and depression.

The time to lose weight is right now. The more overweight you allow yourself to be, the more health problems you can expect.

How Does The Body React To Losing Weight Fast?

Several fast weight loss programs are available on the current market. The truth is that you may be successful with fast weight loss and get rid of the weight that you want in just a week or two.

However, the body will react to fast weight loss in a way that makes keeping the weight off more difficult. If you lose the extra weight through some fast weight loss trick, such as starving yourself, the body will go into survival mode.

Your metabolism will slow down and your body will store as much fat as it can because it does not know when it will get the sustenance that it needs.

Conclusion About Losing Weight Fast

The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to take control of things and change your way of life. As opposed to trying some fast weight loss quick fix, chose to be more active and eat healthier foods. Losing weight the right way is the only way to live the long and healthy life that you seek.

Fast weight loss may make you feel good for a day or so, but in the long-term a lifestyle change is best. Before you go pay a lot of money on some fast weight loss diet, take a look at the role that food and exercise play in your life and where changes can be made for the better.

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