How To Stop Eating Chocolate – 7 Tips

Chocolate cake

Chocolate can be highly addictive. There are many who simply cannot stop eating chocolate, no matter what. They know it’s not good for them, that it causes obesity, terrible mood swings and is highly addictive by nature – but still, they can’t just stop eating chocolate!

We discuss why chocolate can be so addictive, how do you know that you’re addicted to chocolate and finally, tips on what to do about it – to learn how to reduce or stop eating chocolate – read on for more information!

Chocolates – Why You Can’t Stop Eating Them

You can’t stop eating chocolates because they are both physically and emotionally addictive.

What Makes Chocolate Addictive?

Chocolate has the same addictive effect on your brain as heroin and morphine. Chocolate has caffeine, phenylethylaminphy, compounds not much different from THC – which is found in Marijuana and theobromine – which is a strong stimulant, same as caffeine, but has an effect on the nervous system.

Besides these compounds, chocolate also contains milk, sugar and other dairy products – which are also addictive by nature. All of these together make chocolates intensely addictive.

Chocolate is The Classic “Comfort Food”

Also, chocolates are highly emotionally addictive and are known as “comfort foods” because we resort to chocolates whenever we feel upset, sad, lonely or depressed. So how do you know you are emotionally addicted to chocolate, so much that you simply cannot stop eating chocolate all day?

You have a chocolate addiction if you crave for chocolate, and the craving strikes you any time you feel down because of some event in your life, stress at the workplace, an argument with your partner, or just, general boredom and loneliness. You feel an intense hunger and feel the need to address it immediately.

When you’re hungry in a healthy way, you can control your hunger till you get the right kind of healthy food, and do not feel the need to overeat.

But with chocolate addiction, which is an “emotional hunger,” you feel an intense desire to satiate your cravings for chocolate straight away and you simply cannot stop eating chocolate, no matter how hard you try. Chocolate addiction is related to stress and emotions, which is why it’s so hard to control.

So, how can you control your intense cravings for chocolate?

We Have 7 Great Tips For You:

Young lady eating a bar of chocolate

Young lady eating a bar of chocolate

Tip 1: Be Conscious About Your Addiction To Chocolate

Accepting that you’re addicted to chocolate is the first step to getting rid of your intense cravings for it.

Tip 2: Keep Yourself Busy With Other Activities

Participate in a sport – how long has it been since you played basketball? Pick up a reading habit, spend a couple of hours each evening with a great book. Invite friends over, go out more often.

Go to the movies. Help out at the homeless shelter. Be busy all the time and just make sure that you don’t stay bored.

Tip 3: Never Deal With An Addiction Alone

Form a support network with other people who are addicted to chocolate just like you. Share your frustration about your addiction with a close friend. Join a reputed emotional eating program on the internet.

Participate in a friendly online forum where issues related to emotional eating are discussed. Be brutally honest with yourself and keep a close tab on your eating habits.

Tip 4: Regular Exercise is a Must

Exercise releases the “happy hormones” – endorphins, which reduce your cravings, leave you feeling happy and satiated.

If you haven’t exercised for years and are out of shape, you don’t have to do much – just a brisk 30-minute walk in the morning is good enough.

Follow it up with a few simple exercises. Join a Yoga class. Yoga is one of the best holistic therapies for addiction.

Tip 5: Hypnotherapy is Also a Great Way to Get Rid of Your Addiction

Hypnotherapy is fast emerging as one of the most popular cures for all sorts of addictions – alcohol, smoking, substance abuse, gambling and even emotional eating.

Many celebrities battling an emotional eating addiction have tried hypnotherapy to great success. So, this is certainly an option you can try.

Tip 6: Meditation Relaxes You Like Nothing Else

Whether you’re stressed, angry, depressed or anxious, meditating regularly reduces the severity of the emotions that cause you so much distress.

Meditation is also very easy to perform – just read an introduction to simple meditation techniques on the internet, find a quiet spot for yourself, at home or office, where you’re unlikely to be disturbed for 15 to 30 minutes, focus on an object – such as your breathing – and just meditate.

Tip 7: Find a Healthier Alternative To Chocolate

Try sumptuous green smoothies, veggie salad, fulfilling fruits such as apple, banana, grapes, etc., protein bars, nutrition bars, nuts such as almond, green tea and so on.

It’s not hard to get rid of your addiction to chocolate. Just follow our tips and you’ll be fine.

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