How To Avoid Gluten In Your Diet

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In recent years, gluten free diets have become extremely popular.

Most people choose a gluten free diet because they have discovered that they have an allergy to the gluten in many foods. Those with Celiac disease must also avoid gluten.

Some people also believe that a gluten free diet is beneficial to those with autism. Gluten is a special kind of protein that is found in wheat, rye and barley.

Foods That Are Free of Gluten

Not all grains contain gluten. On a gluten free diet you can still eat oats, millet, quinoa and soybeans. In addition, most of the gluten can be removed from many other products, like bread and cereals.

However, products can be labeled gluten free even if they still have small amounts of gluten. This is because it is impossible to remove 100% of the gluten from wheat. Gluten is sometimes used as an additive in foods, which is why adhering to a gluten free diet can sometimes be tricky.

These foods are naturally gluten free. Those who are on a gluten free diet must be concerned with the grain products they choose.

Foods That Are Gluten-Free Include:

All fruits are gluten-free

All fruits are gluten-free

  1. Fruits

  2. Vegetables

  3. Dairy products

  4. Meats

What Are Gluten-Free Diets?

Sticking with a gluten free diet requires research since gluten is used in so many foods. However, as we learn how many people have trouble with gluten, many food manufacturers are choosing to remove gluten from their products if it was simply used as a thickening agent.

Gluten free diets require simply avoiding glutens and have no other dietary restrictions. Most gluten free diets divide foods into three categories: those that are completely safe, those that are cautionary because there could be some exposure to gluten in preparation or processing and those that are strictly forbidden.

There are websites that list nearly every food on earth, noting which of these three categories they belong to, that can help those on a gluten free diet avoid inadvertently consuming gluten.

Always Check Food Labels For Gluten Warnings

You can look for products labeled gluten free in the grocery store. As gluten free diets have become more popular, more and more of these foods have become available.

Gluten free products can be pricey, and many people on a gluten free diet choose to simply remove many products from their diets, sticking with the products that are naturally gluten free, like fruits, vegetables and fresh meats.

For those who have Celiac disease or other intolerance’s to gluten, adhering to a gluten free diet can be the only way to remain pain free and healthy.

For those who are gluten intolerant, gluten destroys the lining of the intestine. This causes partially digested food to leak into the body. In addition to pain, this can cause malnutrition because the absorption of nutrients into the body is interrupted.

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