Do I Have A Food Addiction?

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6 Simple Tips To Help Control Your Food Addiction

Do you find it hard to resist an extra scoop or two of ice cream, even after you’ve already had three scoops already?

Are you into your fifth bag of potato chips in less than an hour?

You loved the cake you bought earlier in the day so much that you’ve finished it already, and are now picking up the phone to order a couple of large-sized pizzas before you call it a night.

Okay – stop right there, you’ve got a food addiction!

What is Food Addiction?

Food addiction is not quite the same as overeating. Overeating can happen when you’re very hungry and eat more to compensate for having starved yourself earlier in the day.

Food addiction is different – you don’t just eat food because you’re hungry, but as an escape from the stress at work, a recent breakup of a relationship, or just because you’re sad, lonely or bored.

Food addicts even eat more food when they’re upset about their football team getting beaten, a recent Ebola outbreak in Africa or a loss for their favorite political party in a local election. The point is, a food addict doesn’t have to try hard to pick an excuse to overeat.

Can You Overcome Food Addiction?

Food addiction is not easy to get over, but you certainly can overcome it. Our 7 tips on overcoming food addiction are a great way to get started.

However, as long as there isn’t a self-acknowledgement from your side that, yes, you’re suffering from food addiction and that you need to change your lifestyle, it’d be hard for you to get your freedom from this addiction.

Remember, no matter which addiction you’re suffering from – whether it’s an addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, or food – acceptance is always the first step if you’re serious about getting rid of the bad habit.

Read on for our 6 tips for getting rid of your food addiction:

Biscuits and sweets can become addictive

Biscuits and sweets can become addictive

Tip 1: Monitor Your Emotions

It’s how you feel at the moment that causes you to overeat. Do you feel upset, depressed, lonely or sad? Or, just bored?

Well, that’s why you’re a food addict. Find a way to control these emotions and your cravings for food will will also come down. If you’re feeling sad and lonely, why not try a new activity, such as ballroom dancing, for instance?

This way you can meet interesting new people and no longer feel so depressed all the time.

Tip 2: What’s Your Trigger Food?

Which food that causes you to go on a binge?

Chocolates are the most common trigger foods. Ice creams too. Usually, trigger foods are simple carbs, which your body doesn’t have to try hard to break down.

The only way to get around this problem is to exercise self-control, and just cut out the trigger food from your life, completely.

Tip 3: No Matter What You Do, Don’t Starve Yourself!

Even if you’ve had too much food the night before, don’t starve yourself by skipping breakfast in the morning. This will almost certainly get you back to binge eating.

Always have at least 3 moderate meals, and have them at regular hours.

Tip 4: Learn To Say No!

There will be occasions when your friends will want you to join them at a fast food restaurant to celebrate somebody’s birthday or for a get together party. Learn to say No!

Make them understand that you cannot compromise with your health, agree to join them only if they are okay with you not having what they’re having.

Tip 5: Have healthy, fulfilling snacks such as apple, nuts, protein bars, wheat crackers, etc.

Have plenty of water, stay away from carbonated drinks, soda or sugared water. Even stay away from fruit juice, as there is growing evidence that fruit juice isn’t great for weight loss – just have a banana or an orange instead.

Tip 6: Don’t Aim For Perfection

Total abstinence is impossible. Have a “cheat food,” such as a single scoop of your favorite ice cream, and have it every 3 days or so, no more. Be moderate, never be too strict with yourself. Just relax, and enjoy your journey to good health.

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