10 Foods To Avoid When Dieting

While it is true that losing weight is all about burning off more calories than you consume, there are definitely foods that help your weight loss and those that hinder it.

Take a look at these foods to avoid for weight loss to help you get the most, and the fastest, benefit from your diet.

1. Sugar

Not only does sugar have a lot of calories, but it also causes a spike in your blood sugar. This is a signal to your body to hold onto its fat stores. So, even if you stay within your caloric range, eating sugar can stall weight loss.

2. White Flour

White flour is highly processed. It is one of the foods to avoid because after this processing, your body reacts to the consumption of white flour just like it does to the consumption of sugar – by holding on to weight.

This means that foods to avoid also include regular pasta and white bread, along with muffins, etc. However, you can find plenty of whole grain breads and pastas at grocery stores today.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol is empty calories, and also is processed just like sugar in the body. It is definitely a food to avoid when losing weight.

4. Canned Soups

Canned soups are extremely high in sodium, which causes you to retain water. Water retention stalls weight loss efforts, making canned soups one of the foods to avoid.

5. Soda

Sodas are loaded with sugar and caffeine, so they are definitely foods to avoid since they provide no nutritional benefit.

Even diet sodas should be avoided, since there is evidence that the artificial sweeteners used in diet sodas can cause you to crave sugar and even hold onto weight. Drink water instead.

6. Processed Meats

Processed meats are also very high in sodium and in preservatives, both of which can make your body hold onto the fat.

7. Packaged Snacks

These include potato chips, snack crackers, party mixes, etc. The artificial ingredients in these foods make your body hold onto fat.

In addition, these same artificial ingredients are foods to avoid because they make you want more. It can be very difficult to curb cravings unless you eliminate these foods.

8. Potatoes

Potatoes are healthy. However, if you’re trying to lose weight, they may be one of the foods to avoid. This is because their starch spikes blood sugar, just like sugar.

9. White Rice

Just like white flour products are foods to avoid, so are white rice products. White rice is highly processed and spikes blood sugar. Choose brown rice or wild rice instead.

10. Fried Foods

Though not all fats are bad for you, avoiding fried foods is a good idea when you’re dieting. Fried foods are foods to avoid simply because they have so much fat, that it markedly increases the calories, and because the fats used to fry the foods are often bad fats.

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