Is Chromium Safe For Weight Loss?

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Students would probably know chromium as a hard, brittle, multivalent, and metallic element that is resistant to corrosion and tarnishing.

Today, more people are aware of chromium as a mineral that is present in our daily food and a supplement that is available in stores.

Chromium supplements are being presented as an all-in-one pill that can take care of various health issues.

What is Chromium?

The mineral chromium is available in various foods and vegetables that we eat in minimal quantities. Some of the food sources of chromium are vegetables such as broccoli, potatoes and beans, whole grain products, beef and poultry, milk and dairy products and fruits like apples and bananas.

Chromium May Increase Your Energy Levels

Other than the weight loss properties that chromium is said to exhibit, it is also known to increase insulin levels in the blood. Chromium increases your energy levels and enables you to feel more active during the day. The element is also known to reduce bad cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Given the health benefits of chromium, it is sold in the form of capsules in various formulations. Chromium chloride, chromium picolinate and chromium nicotinate are some compounds of chromium that are packed in capsules for human consumption.

While the exact manner in which chromium works is not known, it is expected that a small protein called the ‘low molecular weight chromium binding substance’ is responsible for the effect caused by it.

Even though small amount of chromium is present in food, you need to consume its supplement to benefit from various advantages of chromium. The supplement should be consumed after a meal for weight loss, better insulin management and cholesterol control.

Is Chromium Safe to Use?

Chromium is considered to be safe if consumed in a dose that remains between 52mcg and 200mcg. Higher levels can cause carcinogenic substances to be formed. Those with depressive tendencies, bipolar disorders or schizophrenia should avoid the picolinate compound of chromium since it can interfere with the neurotransmitters.

Most of the people who are on chromium supplements do not experience any side effects. However, there are some errant reports of headaches, insomnia and mood instability.

Like with any other medication or compound, chromium should not be consumed without consultation with the doctor due to the various drug interactions that are possible. If it is consumed in conjunction with Advil, Motrin and other anti-inflammatory drugs, increased chromium retention can occur.

Consumption of chromium with any kind of food or cuisine is considered safe, but those who are using herbs or alternate medicine should also check with the physician before using these pills.

Chromium For Losing Weight

Those who promote chromium and have tried it, state that chromium helps in regulating insulin and increasing the metabolism rate of the body. The ‘fat burning’ properties of chromium have been considered to be helpful for those who cannot exercise regularly and therefore, need alternate means of weight reduction.

Picolinate compound of chromium was combined with caffeine and ephedra to create Hydroxycut, a popular weight loss supplement in the market. However, with the ban on ephedra, this formulation will now be changed and re-launched.

Although no studies have yet been done to establish the weight loss efficacy of chromium, consuming moderate levels of the supplement can be quite beneficial to improve your overall health.

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  • Christina

    It may be true that chromium can be effective, particularly for people who need help regulating their blood sugar, like those who are pre-diabetic and working hard on not moving to the diabetic stage.

    However, before you take chromium, it is critical that you consult your doctor, since it is possible to reach very unsafe levels of this mineral. It’s important to understand if you really need the supplement and if you’ll tolerate it well before you begin taking it. Chromium may also be good in helping to prevent heart disease, and may help with weight loss, though nothing has been proven.

    However, it would make sense that anything that could help regulate insulin could be effective at helping some people lose weight. This is a supplement that is easy to find. It’s carried at most regular drug stores where you find other supplements and vitamins. It’s also quite inexpensive.

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