Can Kava Tea Help With Weight Loss?

Kava Tea Leaves

Kava Tea Leaves

Kava tea has seen lots of coverage in the news lately. It is renowned for its health benefits, its great taste and even has been purported to help with weight loss. But, is Kava tea for real?

What is Kava Tea?

Kava was discovered by the Polynesians. They brought it to Hawaii, and they brought only the best varieties because they needed varieties that could survive a long trip to the island.

Kava is a plant, and the benefits come from using the root. Kava tea is made by finely grinding the roots and then infusing them in hot water to make a tea.

The Health Benefits of Kava Tea

Though Kava Tea may be new to many of us, it has been enjoyed and used for its health benefits for centuries. The roots contain rhizome components and lactones, which are purported to have health benefits. These lactones are used primarily to ease anxiety, and help with mood.

List of Kava Tea Health Benefits:

  1. Kava tea is a mood elevator. It relieves stress and helps you relax.
  2. Kava tea relaxes muscles.
  3. Kava tea can be used to treat several infections, like vaginitis and even gonorrhea. It is often used for menstrual cramps, as well.
  4. Kava tea is an anti-inflammatory, so it can be used to reduce swelling and relieve illnesses like arthritis. It has also been shown to relieve pain.

Using Kava Tea For Weight Loss

There are many great uses for Kava Tea. Most people today use it to help induce sleep, as a natural alternative to taking sleep aids.

They are also used extensively to help treat depression or anxiety. But, today, people are beginning to say that Kava Tea may be able to help with weight loss, too.

Few studies have been done on Kava Tea’s weight loss effectiveness, so it’s really too soon to recommend it as a weight loss aid. Still, there is anecdotal evidence to suggest that people who start drinking Kava Tea for anxiety, depression or as a sleep aid, do lose a few pounds.

This may simply be a byproduct of reduced stress and anxiety, both of which tend to lead to overeating. Or, it may be that Kava tea actually has effect on the body’s metabolism. Only time will tell.

Kava tea appears to be safe for most people. However, you should always check with your doctor before you begin taking any supplement. So, while we can’t tell you you’ll lose weight; if you happen to lose a few pounds while using it for other reasons; then it is so much the better.

*Special Note* Kava products are banned in the UK

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