What Can You Eat On The Volumetrics Diet?

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The Volumetrics diet has been around for quite a few years, yet it seems that there are still many people who don’t know about the diet, or who don’t know what the diet entails.

For many, however, the Volumetrics diet has been a simple way to lose weight.

Fill Up On Low Calorie Nutrient-Dense Foods

The Volumetrics diet is an eating plan that focuses simply on eating foods that fill you up without having a lot of calories. The concept behind this way of eating is borne of the simple fact that, as humans, we like to eat.

Diets that force us to eat very small amounts of food leave us feeling hungry and deprived, so we are less likely to stick to them. With the Volumetrics diet, dieters eat a large volume of food, so that they get the sensation of eating a lot. However, the majority of the foods the dieters are eating have a lot of water, so they have very few calories.

Foods You Can Eat On The Volumetrics Diet

The primary staples on the Volumetrics eating plan are foods like non-starchy vegetables, low fat dairy products and fruits.

These are called low density foods. High density foods include foods high in fat, starches and sugars. On the Volumetrics Diet, these high density foods are eaten much less frequently than the low density foods.

On the Volumetrics diet, you are not required to count calories, but, instead will simply watch what you eat and ensure that the bulk of your meals consist of these low density foods.

The Volumetrics diet book has lots of recipes that can help you stick with the plan without having to spend a lot of time coming up with things to eat.

The Volumetrics diet is really just a simple low fat diet that emphasizes fruits, vegetables and fibers, and limits starches and sugars.

Once you get the hang of how the diet works, it’s pretty simple to follow and doesn’t require a lot of calorie counting or complicated food combinations.

Will I Lose Weight On The Volumetrics Diet?

Because the Volumetrics diet plan emphasizes low fat, low calorie eating, it is an effective tool for weight loss. It is really no different from other low fat diet plans.

By eating a wide variety of non starchy vegetables and fruits, the dieter can feel full without consuming a lot of calories.

In addition, dieters on the Volumetrics diet are eating in a very healthy way, reducing their risks of many diseases, including heart disease and high blood pressure.

The Volumetrics diet has a unique way of helping people decide what to eat, and it doesn’t require them to count calories, which makes the diet less tedious to follow. The diet focuses on losing weight slowly, at about 1-2 pounds a week, which helps make the weight easier to keep off.

On the whole, the Volumetrics diet is a very sensible and simple diet plan that encourages healthy eating and slow, healthy weight loss.

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