What Is The Jenny Craig Weight Loss Plan?

There is one name that is synonymous with weight loss and that is Jenny Craig. The Jenny Craig diet has helped millions of people lose weight since it was first introduced in the mid-eighties.

The 3 Part Approach of Mind, Body and Food

The Jenny Craig diet method involves a three-part approach to weight loss. It addresses all the important issues of mind, body and food.

The three-part approach is adopted by the members of the Jenny Craig diet program who pay for different subscription levels with variable degrees of support. The Jenny Craig diet aims to teach dieters how to eat food in healthy potions.

Many people prefer the Jenny Craig diet because rather than limit the types of food you eat; it focuses on limiting the amount of food you eat.

The Jenny Craig diet plan also teaches members how to incorporate more exercise into his or her daily life. In addition, Jenny Craig also focuses on teaching its members the importance of seeing themselves in a healthy light and having the strength to persevere over any obstacles that they may face on the road to wellness.

Members of the Jenny Craig diet plan are provided with pre-packaged meals, support and counseling from the Jenny Craig staff as well as audiovisual and written material in a combined effort to achieve the desired weight loss results.

Members who live near a Jenny Craig center have the advantage of personal support from the compassionate Jenny Craig staff. In addition, members are also able to access support from the Jenny Craig team by phone or online.

Will I Lose Weight On The Jenny Craig Diet Plan?

While a lot of people have nothing but praise for the Jenny Craig diet plan, there are others who criticize the diet plan for the promotion of atypical results, unqualified counselors and difficulty in maintaining the portion size with fresh foods that have not been pre-packaged.

All in all, the Jenny Craig diet plan does provide successful for weight loss for a number of people, but that is not to say it is without drawbacks. One of the most common complaints about the Jenny Craig diet program is that the weight takes a long time to start to decrease.

In addition, the program does not recommend or offer any high quality weight loss supplements, which would help members reach their goals quicker.

Another big complaint for those who have tried the Jenny Craig diet plan is the pre-packaged food. The nutritional value of the meals offered by the program is rather low, which is not as beneficial for dieters as other programs may be.

The Jenny Craig Diet Focuses On Foods That Are High In Protein and Low In Carbohydrates and Fat

  • 30% of the diet is protein
  • 60% is carbohydrates
  • 10% is fat

These amounts are ideal for a balanced diet, but for some people, it can be a little shocking to the system.

The Plan Requires 5 to 6 Smaller Meals Each Day

The plan calls for five or six meals a day, which works for some people while others find it difficult to adjust. The food itself is rather tasty for the most part, but some foods are not favored by all.

The Jenny Craig diet has potential to help you take the weight off for good. Be sure to talk with a trusted healthcare professional before you begin any new diet or exercise program.

One comment

  • Lou

    Jenny Craig works for many people, and can help you get used to eating smaller portions, which will help you to learn how much to eat later on. It is probably not a great diet for the person who is a gourmet, as much of the food is just “ok”, taste wise.

    However, the foods are prepared in a very healthful way with few preservatives and no bad fats. Jenny Craig seems to have regained a lot of popularity in recent years, but it still can be an expensive way to lose weight. It’s convenient, but you could certainly prepare the foods cheaper at home.

    But, it does a great job of teaching portion control, and as long as you stick to similar portions after you go off the diet, you should not gain the weight back. Jenny Craig has also made the plan more convenient for people who don’t want to weigh in or meet with a counselor in person. Everything can be done by phone.

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