What Is The Bob Greene Best Life Diet Plan?

This plan was developed by Bob Greene, best known as being Oprah Winfrey’s trainer and nutritionist.

What is the Best Life Diet?

The Best Life Diet is a healthy eating and exercise plan that focuses on learning to eat the right foods in the right portions and learning to make physical activity a part of everyday life.

The Best Life Diet is not designed to be a plan that you go on and off of. Instead, it is meant to change the way you eat and exercise for good, so that once you’ve lost the weight, it is easier to keep it off.

You’ll learn techniques for making lifelong changes, so that you never go back to the habits that made you fat in the first place. The diet even contains strategies for helping you deal with emotional factors that cause you to overeat, such as stress.

The Best Life Diet is designed in three phases, so that newcomers are not overwhelmed and so that veterans can continue to progress to a point where they are able to successfully lose weight and keep it off.

Phase 1 of the Best Life Diet Plan

This phase of the Best Life Diet is called “baby steps”. It allows dieters to make small changes that are not overwhelming, but that will make a difference in your ability to lose weight.

You’ll learn to incorporate exercise into your daily life, and make other simple changes to help you shed pounds, such as not eating within two hours of going to bed and ensuring that you eat three meals and two snacks each day. This phase lasts a minimum of four weeks.

Phase 2 of the Best Life Diet Plan

This phase of the Best Life Diet builds on what you learned in phase 1. You’ll further increase your activity and begin to look at what triggers emotional eating.

You’ll also remove six problem foods from your diet, and begin to practice more portion control. This phase also lasts for a minimum of four weeks.

Phase 3 of the Best Life Diet Plan

In the third and final phase of the Best Life Diet, you’ll begin maintenance. In this phase, you’ll eliminate more unhealthy foods and focus on making healthy foods the bulk of your regular diet. You’ll also get to add in some “anything goes” calories in this phase.

These calories allow you to have some splurges from time to time, knowing that they will not impact your weight in the long run. Learning to manage splurges is one of the most important parts of weight maintenance.

The Best Life Diet plan is a very sensible approach to losing weight and keeping it off. It is not a quick fix; most people will lose about a pound a week with this diet.

But, the Best Life Diet is a solution that ensures that you’re eating nutritious food while you’re losing weight, and that you develop the strategies you need to keep the weight off for good.

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