Foods To Eat On The Sugar Busters Diet

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The sugar busters diet is one that has garnered a lot of attention in recent years. Many people think of the sugar busters diet as simply a diet where you give up sweets, but it is far more than that.

Time To Eliminate Sugars From Your Diet

The Sugar Busters diet is an eating plan that helps you lose weight by eliminating sugars from your diet.

The theory behind the diet is the same one that supports many low carbohydrate eating plans: that certain carbohydrates raise blood sugar levels, making the body hold on to fat.

Though the sugar busters diet is not technically a low carb eating plan because you will not count carbohydrates on this diet, it does eliminate many of the same foods from your diet that are forbidden on a low carbohydrate diet.

Foods To Remove and Eat On The Sugar Busters Diet

On the sugar busters diet, you’ll be removing various kinds of sugar from your diet. This includes not only refined white sugar products, but also white flour, beer, starchy fruits and vegetables like potatoes and bananas and highly processed foods like white rice.

Instead, you’ll eat lean proteins like beef and chicken, along with non starchy vegetables and fruits such as broccoli, salad greens, green beans and apples. You can also have whole grain products like brown rice and whole wheat bread.

On the sugar busters diet, you are not required to count calories or carbohydrates, but just to eat a sensible amount of the allowed foods.

These foods keep you feeling full and keep your insulin level stable, making it much easier for you to lose weight. You are still allowed to eat fats, as long as they are not combined with starches and sugars.

Will I Lose Weight On The Sugar Busters Diet?

The sugar busters diet is based on the same premise as many other weight loss plans: the idea that sugar, rather than fat, is what causes us to gain weight.

While this theory was out of vogue for many years, in favor of low fat eating plans, science is beginning to prove what many proponents of the sugar busters and other carbohydrate restrictive plans have said all along: sugar and starch make you fat.

The sugar busters diet is simple to follow, though it will be difficult for carbohydrate addicts to follow at first.

Your Sugar Cravings Should Diminish After A While

When you’ve been used to eating a lot of sugary carbohydrates like white bread and sugar, you can have severe cravings during the first days of giving up these foods.

But, once the sugar is out of your system, the cravings will slowly go away, making this diet plan easy to follow. Many people have had great success with diet plans like sugar busters.

However, it is important to remember that once you’ve been on a diet plan that avoids simple carbohydrates, you may put the weight you’ve lost back on very rapidly if you go back to your old eating habits. Committing to limiting these starchy and sweet foods for the long term is the way to make this diet successful.

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