How Does Protein Help You Lose Weight?

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Protein for weight loss is not a new idea. But, there are still many people who hold onto the notion that we should eat mostly carbohydrates because they are often lower in calories.

However, protein is not only essential to your health, but also a great way to help lose weight in a healthy manner.

2 Reasons Why Protein Helps with Weight Loss

Protein helps with weight loss for two primary reasons. » Read more

7 Popular Slimming Foods and Diet Plans

With the rate of obesity in this country continuing to rise, more and more people are looking for miracle diets and slimming foods.

The truth is that there is no such thing as a miracle diet that actually works, so your best bet is to stick with the slimming foods.

Slimming foods are foods that promote the feeling of fullness and satisfaction that prevents you from snacking in between main meals. These slimming foods are not miracle foods, but you will find that they help you to consume fewer calories over the course of your day. » Read more

Are Quick Weight Loss Diets Healthy?

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So many people are lying on their couch right now trying to figure out a solution to quick weight loss. The truth is it is possible to lose weight quickly; however, quick weight loss is not preferred.

Is It Possible to Lose Weight Quickly?

Today, there are a large number of diets, pills and procedures for quick weight loss. Some of these quick weight loss methods actually work.

However, it is important to remember that any diet or treatment that helps you lose weight in a week or less will not help you maintain the weight loss for any period of time. » Read more

The Top 5 Healthy Weight Loss Diets

Losing weight this way allows your body to adjust to your new weight, which makes it easier to keep the weight off after you’re done.

Choose from one of these healthy weight loss diets to help you lose the weight – and for good this time.

1: The Weight Watchers Diet

Weight Watchers has been around since the 1960’s and has been ranked over and over as one of the most successful plans. Weight Watchers is a healthy weight loss diet because you can eat a variety of foods, so you never feel deprived.

It offers you support and teaches you portion control, which is one of the most important skills for keeping weight off. » Read more

Low Carb Foods And Diet Plans

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Low carb diets are a very popular way to lose weight. In fact, if you check with current dieters, you’ll likely find that the majority you talk to are eating low carb foods.

Though many people in the medical field still question the health of a low carb diet, it’s certainly true that many people have used them to lose weight and keep it off.

Even some members of the medical community are beginning to come around to the idea that low carb foods are the way to take weight off. » Read more

5 Successful Weight Loss Diets

When you’re trying to lose weight, choosing one of the all encompassing weight loss plans can take the guesswork out of dieting.

Too often, trying to come up with your own plan can leave you frustrated and prevent you from losing the weight you want. Take a look at five popular weight loss plans that do the work for you, and that have proven successful for many people.



» Read more

How Do Low Carb Diets Cause Weight Loss?

Low carb diets focus on cutting back on all carbohydrates in your regular diet and increasing your fat and protein intake. Low carb diets involve cutting back on things such as alcohol, bread, pasta and rice. However, on the diet you are allowed an unlimited amount of butter, cheese and meat. Often, low carb diets claim to be diets of luxury.

Calories Consumed and Calories Burnt

Research shows that people are born with hundreds of hormones and genes that work to maintain the balance between the calorie intake and calories burned. The calorie intake is the amount of calories that you take in through everything you eat and drink in a day. » Read more

5 High Protein Low Carb Diets

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Low carb diets are extremely popular, and have helped many people shed pounds, and keep them off. Though many critics decry low carb diets as unhealthy, they can actually be quite healthy as a long-term alternative, as long as the carb intake does not go too low.

A good low carb diet will, in the long run, be a diet that focuses on eating good carbs and avoiding the unhealthy ones.



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5 Balanced Diet Plans

Many of today’s diets require dieters to virtually give up some categories of foods. And, many of these diets do offer some weight loss, at least in the short term. But, for long-term weight maintenance and for health, it’s important to eat a balanced diet.

Here are some of today’s most popular eating plans that can help you lose weight, while eating a balanced diet at the same time.

1. The Mediterranean Diet

This balanced diet is based on the natural diet of Mediterranean countries. It emphasizes good fats, lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains. You don’t count calories, but do limit your intake of fatty meats, sugar and processed foods. » Read more

6 Health Risks of Fast Weight Loss You Need To Avoid

Fast weight loss is the regimen people resort to for that quick need to shed pounds. More often than not, fast weight loss is sought out as a preparation for the bikini season or a special occasion such as a wedding.

But is losing weight in a speedy manner all worth it in the end?

Before we answer this question, let us first take a look into some of the most common techniques employed for fast weight loss.

3 Rapid Weight Loss Methods

1) Going On A Crash Diet

The crash diet method is perhaps the most popular out there. It is the deliberate restriction of food intake to stimulate fast weight loss. Its popularity can be attributed to a number of factors. » Read more

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