What’s So Wrong with Being Fat?

Man with large amounts of belly fat

Are you concerned about your weight?

Want to shed a few pounds, but you lack motivation?

Being overweight or obese isn’t just unsightly, but dangerous too. The more fat you carry around your waist, the higher your risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Obesity may also lead to cancer and premature death. Even the slightest weight loss can make a huge difference to your health. » Read more

Simple Tips For Natural Weight Loss

You have most likely taken notice that while some people can down buckets of ice cream and not gain an ounce, other people can think about a cookie and put on five pounds.

A phenomenon like this leaves people wondering what makes one person incurably thin while another cannot seem to keep off the weight that they do manage to lose.

Weight loss tips are a dime a dozen; so, you need to know why you are overweight before you know which weight loss tips to follow. » Read more

What Are The Right Foods To Eat?

Not only does food give us the nutrients that we need to stay healthy, but it also brings us great pleasure as well. So many different varieties of foods are available, and there are so many different ways to serve them that eating never seems to become tedious or boring.

If you are eating the right foods, you will look forward to meals without any guilt or dread.

Modern Life Can Make Healthy Eating More Difficult

With people having so many different activities, as people these days seem to have, they are constantly in some kind of hurry.

They are hurrying to work, school and countless different places on almost a daily basis. All too often, more and more people are eating on the go and not eating the right foods. » Read more

10 Easy Weight Loss Tips You Can Try

Nobody wants to go on a diet. The minute we do, we immediately feel deprived, and begin thinking about all the things we want, but can’t have.

A better long-term solution to weight management is to incorporate simple weight loss tips into your life that you can stick to – without feeling like you’re on a diet.

The More Tips You Use The More Success You Will Experience!

There are many things you can do to lose weight naturally on a daily basis, the more of the following tips you use the more success you will notice on the scales!


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What Can You Eat On A Vegan Diet?

Healthy vegetable meal

The Vegan diet consists of foods that are exclusively vegetarian. The Vegan diet is extremely strict and goes beyond just avoiding meat, dairy products and eggs.

The diet excludes the consumption of even those food products that are manufactured using animal products such as jelly, refined sugar and specific wines. In addition to this, a Vegan diet avoids foods and products that are tested on animals.

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What Is The Weight Watchers Point System?

Healthy weight watchers shake

The Weight Watchers diet is unlike the rest of the diet programs, it is a program that has been helping people to lose weight since the 1960’s.

Since then the Weight Watchers diet has undergone a series of changes and kept up with the times which has helped people from various backgrounds and requirements lose weight efficiently.

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The Benefits of Rhodiola Rosea

The Rhodiola Rosea plant

The Rhodiola Rosea plant

Rhodiola rosea increases the resistance to both mental and physical stress. It comes from the root of an arctic plant. Rhodiola rosea has a sort of normalizing effect on the body.

However, it does much, much more. Rhodiola rosea also reduces anxiety and enhances physical energy, focus and your overall mood. The benefits to Rhodiola rosea are in abundance.

What is Rhodiola Rosea?

Rhodiola rosea comes from the Rhodiola rosea plant. It is sometimes referred to as the golden root. The Rhodiola rosea plant is generally found in the high altitude regions of Europe and Asia.

It is classified as part of the plant group named Crassuleae, and it can grow as tall as twelve to thirty inches in height. The Rhodiola rosea plant is blanketed with beautiful yellow blossoms and gives off a definitive fragrance when cut. » Read more