Which Are the Safest Weight Loss Supplements That Work?

Green Tree Leaves

Need help losing weight?

Want to speed up your metabolism and burn more calories?

If so, consider taking supplements. L-carnitine, caffeine, guarana, green tea extract, and other natural ingredients that can boost your metabolism and help with increased fat burning. » Read more

What’s So Bad About Eating White Bread?

Slice of white bread

Craving white bread, but you’re worried about your waistline?

Is it so bad to eat a slice or two?

According to experts, white bread is anything but healthy. Loaded with empty calories and carbs, it has a high glycemic index and little or no nutrients. Compared to whole grain bread, it’s much lower in fiber and causes insulin spikes.

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Why Am I Always Hungry?

Fork going into a piece of chicken

Struggling with hunger and cravings?

Do you find it hard to stop eating?

From nutrient deficiencies to hormonal imbalances and stress, there are several possible reasons you’re always hungry. A diet that’s too low in calories or lacks essential nutrients is often the culprit behind hunger pangs. If you eat enough and still feel hungry, you might have an underlying health issue. » Read more

Insulin Sensitivity and Weight Loss

Large iced doughnuts

Have you gained weight lately?

Do you feel like your weight loss efforts are in vain?

If so, you might be dealing with insulin resistance. This hormonal problem may be the reason the scale isn’t shifting. According to health experts, increasing insulin sensitivity is the key to fat loss. A single workout session can increase glucose uptake by up to 40 percent in sedentary people. Just imagine how much you could benefit from regular exercise!

How Does Insulin Affect Your Weight?

Insulin affects your health on every level. This hormone plays a vital role in metabolism, muscle and fat storage, blood sugar, endocrine function, and cardiovascular health. Basically, it regulates how your body stores and uses fat and glucose. The secretion of insulin is increased by elevated blood sugar concentrations, Beta adrenergic stimulation, and gastrointestinal hormones. » Read more

The 10 Best Fruits For Natural Weight Loss

As you move about your diet plan, it’s important that you’re making use of a few of the top weight loss fruits in your daily menu.

Far too many people are quick to cut all fruits out of the picture, but this really doesn’t have to be the case.

In fact, weight loss fruits can help to boost your nutrition, improve your satiety, and ensure that you get the dietary fiber that you need.

Let’s go over 10 weight loss fruits that you should consider.

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Why Breakfast is So Important for Weight Loss

The #1 rule in any credible weight loss program should be – don’t neglect your breakfast

A good breakfast refuels your body after a night of sleep. Your body needs a heavy breakfast to keep its energy levels high. When you skip breakfast, that impacts your energy level, and eventually your health, in a bad way.

Having a heavy breakfast won’t cause you to gain too much weight as long as you have healthy foods such as eggs or oatmeal rather than, say, cakes or cookies. In fact, there is a plenty of research that conclusively proves that heavy breakfasts, less heavy lunches and light dinners are critical for weight loss. » Read more

What Are The Symptoms of Ketosis?

Barbecue Ribs

Ketosis is a popular word among many dieters. The state of ketosis is one that often causes rapid weight loss. However, there is much debate about whether the state of ketosis is safe and healthy.

Ketosis is a state under which your body is burning its own fat for energy. Your cells are producing “ketones“. Ketones are simply molecules generated by the body during fat metabolism. Ketones are produced when your body metabolizes fat from your food and fat from your body.

So, if you’re losing weight, your body is producing ketones to metabolize the fat it is burning for energy. » Read more

What Are Good and Bad Fats?

Avocados contain healthy fats

If you’re on a mission to see weight loss as quickly as possible, you may be questioning whether or not you should be adding healthy fats into your diet plan.

While you do realize that these are part of a well-balanced diet, since you’re trying to maximize the amount of fat burning taking place in your body, will they really fit in with your plan?

Or is it best that you keep them lower for the time being until you’ve reached your goal weight?

In order to better understand what healthy fats are all about, you need to come to a firm understand with regards to dietary fat in general. Then you can piece together the puzzle of good weight loss nutrition and build a diet that works for you.

Let’s have a look at what you should know about healthy fats. » Read more

How Do Insulin Spikes Cause Weight Gain

Man pinching stomach fat

A lot has been written in the news lately about insulin spikes – including why they might be good and why they can be bad. But, the fact is that the average person may not even understand what insulin spikes are, let alone whether it’s good or bad for them.

What are Insulin Spikes?

Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas in response to elevated blood sugar levels. Type 1 diabetics require insulin shots because their pancreas either doesn’t make insulin, or doesn’t make enough to supply their bodies’ needs.

Insulin helps keep blood glucose levels stable by making the body use or store the blood sugar. It essentially drives all that blood sugar into your cells.

An insulin spike occurs when your body secretes a lot of insulin in a short period of time as the result in a spike in blood sugar. » Read more

How Can Coconut Oil Help Me Lose Weight?

Coconuts contain healthy fats

As you get started with your program to shed fat, one thing that you need to know is the coconut oil weight loss connection. Many people are often so focused on making sure that their calorie intake is in check and that they’re eating the right amount of proteins and carbs that they completely overlook the role that having proper fats in place will play.

Isn’t Coconut Oil Unhealthy?

The coconut oil weight loss connection is an important one to note because most people would often deem coconut oil as an unhealthy fat to consume. It’s actually quite high in saturated fats, which most have learned is a fat to avoid. But in this case, that just isn’t true.

Let’s take a closer peak into the coconut oil weight loss connection so that you can see what this is all about. » Read more

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